Morgan Stoneley studied at The National Art School completing her degree in fine arts in 2022, and is is currently employed as a barista to finance her career in art.
Morgan's work is held in private collections in the central west. And select piece will be on display in the 2022 National Art school Grad show. 
Morgan Stoneley was born in 2001 in Hartley, NSW where she currently lives and works. Morgan studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at National Art School in Sydney. She produces abstract works in both sculpture and drawings using a variety of mediums and materials.  Morgan has a particular interest in exploring and experimenting with different textures and shapes found in the everyday world. She uses mostly reclaimed or recycled materials for her sculptures  focusing on shapes, textures and movement of objects. She enjoys representing the contrasts of different shapes and textures in which she employs mainly pencil, charcoal or ink  drawings on paper.

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