Reclaimed Blue series  

Sculpture Installation Found Objects and gyprock adhesive 

'Blue globe' 60x 74x68cm found objects and gyprock adhesive 2022

'Edge of Blue' 80x 50x50cm found objects and gyprock adhesive 2022

'Angles of Blue' 74x65x44cm found objects and gyprock adhesive 2022

Cast Heads

"Lady behind the veil blue' 30x26x25cm plaster cast 2021

'Lady Behind the veil' 2021 30x26x25cm plaster cast 2021

Clay Works
'Clay head' 30x26x25cm clay 2021
'Male Torso' -Clay 24x34x17cm 2020​​​​​​​
Clay skull' 27x23x20 clay 2021
Cardboard Works

'Sculpture in Cardboard no.1'  cardboard and glue 60x90x19cm 2020

'Sculpture in cardboard no.2' cardboard and glue 60x90x15cm 2020

'Sculpture in cardboard no.3' cardboard and glue 50x95x14cm 2020

'Cardboard hand' cardboard and glue 51x35x27cm 2020
'Peekaboo doll' 19x18x15cm plaster book pages and wire 2021

'The New Jade' 180x46x65cm computer chips and wire 2019

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